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Welcome to Artisans in the Andes

Fair Trade and Ethical Jewelry

We are an online jewelry store working with artisans in Ecuador. All of our artisans create and hand make their own designs, often with local sustainable materials, like tagua (vegetable ivory), acai, pambil, achira, leather and cotton.

We work with our artisans on a fair trade basis, ensuring that they are fairly paid for their time and materials. Artisans in the Andes is also committed to supporting local indigenous communities, primarily through education and cultural activities.

Our beaded jewelry has been made with high quality materials, hand selected by the artisans, often using traditional craft skills and their expert knowledge. When you buy our jewelry, you support a family, the continuance and passing along of age old skills, and ultimately a community.

With the use of eco-friendly sustainable materials like tagua from the Amazon Rainforest, you are also participating in providing local families with livlihoods, through the harvesting of nuts and seeds. These livlihoods are incentives for communities to protect the Rainforest and avoid clear cutting it for farming or mining purposes.

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